Developed for parents, by parents, with parents.

This resource has been specially developed to ensure you as a new Office Bearer or member, understand your role and have the information to fully participate in your P&F / Parent Council / Friends of ... / Parent Group.

About the School Parent Association Induction

Who should do this?

If you are already a member of your school parent association or an Office Bearer, are new to a role or would just like to find out more about how these associations work and the role descriptions.

How will I benefit?

Upon completing this induction, you will understand what each person on the Executive does, the general running procedures of an Association, the function of a parent organisation within each school, what you can expect, and your responsibilities in fulfilling a position. It’s important to know that this is not about passing or failing, it’s about capacity building. You will also receive a certificate that can be used as proof of completion.

How long will it take?

A maximum of 45 minutes, at your own pace.

What will I learn?

  • About the CSPWA
  • A bird’s-eye view of WA Catholic schools
  • What is a school parent association?
  • Governance – what is it? What can and can’t school parent associations do?
  • The set of governing rules – the Constitution
  • The different roles – what are you?
  • The importance of Handover
  • Confidentiality
  • Forming and maintaining relationships
  • Ways of communicating
  • The Road to Resolution – suggestions for resolving conflict
  • Where to go for more information


Want to find out more?

Contact CSPWA on +61 8 9338 9985 or



Through leadership, service and advocacy, CSPWA seeks to work for and within Catholic school communities and inspire parents to be engaged and genuine partners in their children’s education.

Established in March 1954,Catholic School Parents WA (formally the Parents and Friends Federation of Western Australia) is the peak body providing an independent voice for parents of children in Catholic schools across the State.

CSPWA represents the interests of all Catholic school parents. It is the officially recognised body representing the interests of parents on the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia (CECWA) and other educational committees. Government and other agencies seek state level parent representation in consultations and on review panels, committees of enquiry and statutory boards. CSPWA fulfils this important role on behalf of parents of children in Catholic schools.

CSPWA ensures that the parent perspective is heard in the conversations around educational decision making at many levels. It ensures that participation of parents as the first and ongoing educators of their children is paramount in all discussions. The Federation is affiliated with Catholic School Parents Australia (CSPA) and the Australian Parents Council (APC) to provide a voice for parents at the national level.

CSPWA supports genuine partnerships and strong relationships. The Federation supports the establishment, maintenance and development of parent communities in Catholic schools as integral partners to achieve positive and successful education outcomes and wellbeing for students and their families. To this end, CSPWA also supports parent leaders in their development.

For more information, visit our website,



The Bishops’ Mandate provides the guidance for all Catholic schools in Western Australia.

“Catholic Education in Western Australia acknowledges that parents are among the greatest signs of God’s presence in the lives of their children.” [Mandate quote]


  • Your school is one of 163 Catholic schools in the state.
  • There are approx 76,000 students educated in Catholic schools which accounts for 17.5% of the total student population in WA.
  • There are 6,200 teaching staff, 4,800 other school staff and over 250 Catholic Education Office support staff.
  • Catholic Education WA is different to any other state or territory in Australia in that the schools in the four Dioceses are united as one system which has as its strategic direction, LEAD - Learning, Engagement, Accountability and Discipleship.  You can find out more about it here
  • The Quality Catholic Schooling tool helps schools to track how they are going and continuously improve what they are doing.  There are two strands that are particularly relevant to the parent community - “Engagement with the Community” and “Wider Community Partnerships”.

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